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Planets and Profit: Business Astrology for Entrepreneurs

Dr. Deb Peretz is a karmic success coach for entrepreneurs. With her secret sauce of evolutionary astrology, she’ll show you how to grow your business with less stress and overwhelm and more abundance and joy. 

Her clients frequently use words like “wow”, “incredible” and “amazing” following a karmic astrology session. Deb will help you integrate your business passion project into your karmic journey and transform your life.

With her extensive background in adult learning and mindset she has an arsenal of brain hacks that will help you achieve your goals in your business and life.

When she’s not helping clients transform their lives by aligning with their soul purpose, Deb is writing. Her first book on astrology for entrepreneurs is coming out later this year.

Deb Peretz, PhD



Quick, Effective and Powerful

Deb's coaching sessions are quick, effective, and powerful. As a former teacher, I give her an A+. I easily put her invaluable insights into action and the reward is that I see see real results immediately. My relationships are stronger, I am more productive, and take positive actions thanks to Deb and her coaching toolbox

Susie Rinehart Writer

Met That Goal and So Much More

My No. 1 goal was to find my best career options. With Deb's knowledge and expertise, I met that goal and so much more. Her coaching allowed me to reexamine and rediscover myself in ways I had never experienced before. I really loved her life purpose coaching. She was very accurate, especially at helping me identify mental blocks from my past that were keeping me from reaching my goals in life, both personally and professionally. I can't tell you how cathartic this was for me. Also, Deb's communication style, both comforting and healing, made her coaching sessions truly transformative. They reignited my passions that were overlooked in the hustle of everyday life and redirected my life onto a path that I am truly excited about!

Rosa T Budding Entrepreneur