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Episode 8: Remember What You’ve Learned
Remember What You’ve Learned with special guest Ida Shessel, M.Ed. Have you ever taken an online course or workshop only[...]
Episode 7: Create Awesome Slides
Did you know that poorly constructed slide decks can become an obstacle to learning in your online course? Find out[...]
Episode 6: How to Motivate Your Clients
Good sales and marketing can motivate someone to buy a course or program, but what motivates them to finish it?[...]
Episode 5: The #1 Secret to Effective Learning
Today’s podcast is all about one of the most important secrets to learning that is rarely talked about in education.[...]
Episode 4: The Most Important Ingredient for Success
The Single Most Important Ingredient to a Successful Online Course Have you ever wondered why so many people don’t finish[...]
Episode 3: Where Do I Start
Where do I start? What’s the biggest challenge in developing an online program? For many it’s simply knowing where to[...]
About the Author

Deb Peretz, PhD coaches people who want their online courses to get amazing results for their customers. Most online courses are never finished. She helps course creators avoid this fate by applying the latest brain research on how we think and learn to course design.