The Most Powerful Therapy in the World…And It’s Free

silhouette of woman meditating

The most powerful therapy in the world. And it's free.

If I could give my clients only one tool to change their lives for the better, it would be meditation. How can meditation make you happier? Lots of ways! For starters, research has shown that wandering minds are unhappy minds. And meditation helps you keep your mind focused.

Meditation also counteracts the body's stress response which will make you feel better physically. But the real magic is how it helps you shut off the left brain chatter so you can access the intuitive and seemingly magical gifts of the right brain.

It seems that every time I scan the latest research in positive psychology  I read about another study that shows how powerful meditation can be. Besides reducing stress and anxiety and improving depression, physical health and the immune system, it can also help you embrace what I call whole brain living. People who meditate create new neural networks involving different regions of the brain. What this really means is that meditation changes your brain. For the better.

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About the Author

I became a life coach to help people transform their lives and find their True paths. I’ve spent my adult life studying personal development as well as practicing less traditional approaches such as tarot cards, past-life regression therapy, channeling, mediumship and, my favorite resource: evolutionary astrology. My PhD in education has given me in-depth knowledge in cognitive and development psychology, especially regarding how adults think, learn and grow. My experience training teachers, advising students and developing programs has given me practical coaching skills. I’m also a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. If you don’t learn your karmic lessons the first time (or the first 150 times), don’t worry. The universe will keep repeating them until you do. Whether you’re looking to improve your career, relationships, business, align with your purpose or more, karmic life coaching can help. Join my Facebook group to learn more about how astrology plus coaching can change your life.