The Left Brain Says the Darnedest Things

We tend to think that the logical, left side of our brain is more reliable, but decades of research show that it's not the case. We need to flex our right brain muscle for better life choices. Watch to learn more.

About the Author

I became a life coach to help people transform their lives and find their True paths. I’ve spent my adult life studying personal development as well as practicing less traditional approaches such as tarot cards, past-life regression therapy, channeling, mediumship and, my favorite resource: evolutionary astrology. My PhD in education has given me in-depth knowledge in cognitive and development psychology, especially regarding how adults think, learn and grow. My experience training teachers, advising students and developing programs has given me practical coaching skills. I’m also a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. If you don’t learn your karmic lessons the first time (or the first 150 times), don’t worry. The universe will keep repeating them until you do. Whether you’re looking to improve your career, relationships, business, align with your purpose or more, karmic life coaching can help. Join my Facebook group to learn more about how astrology plus coaching can change your life.