This Will Make You Happier: Episode 1 Introduction

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In this first episode of This Will Make You Happier, I share how tools from the world of life coaching can help you be happier and live your best life. Find out how the research on personal development, positive psychology and applied neuroscience can help you transform your life.

I also tell you a little about what we're going to explore together on the show. Each episode will focus on another tool or strategy that can help you reduce stress, get results and make you…well, happier. Many of these strategies focus on "stinkin' thinkin'". This is because the true source of unhappiness lies in our thoughts.

In this introduction, I share my story of how I went from college professor to life coach. It involves me losing my way and then finding my inner compass again.

New Episodes

With a new episode released every month, This Will Make you Happier will show you how to change your negative thinking and become happier. It will include cutting edge stategies as well as less traditional modalities that have been around for centuries if not millennia. I can't wait to share it all with you.

Go check out the latest episodes. Episode 2 is about the single most powerful happiness tool there is. And it's free and painless. Please subscribe to the show on Youtube via the Deb Peretz Coaching channel and post a comment if you like what you hear or have a question. I personally read each one. AND It will help get the word out for this brand new show. 

About the Author

I help clients live happier lives by defusing “stinking thinking” and exploring their unique life’s purpose. A college-professor-turned-life-coach, I left academia to follow my own inner compass and now I help others get unstuck and find happiness. I integrate the latest research from positive psychology and applied neuroscience into my coaching as well as incorporating intuitive modalities. I've studied life coaching with Martha Beck and Cherie Carter Scott. I also hold a PhD in education, with a focus on adult learning and development.